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I'm currently making my first character on fantasy grounds and I need some help with my 'skills' section.

I get to choose 3 skills. If I'm already an expert in perception and I put a point into it, does that mean I'm now an Master? (change E to M) Can you become a master at level 1?

I'm not completely clear how these skills work, as the signature skills have been removed. It says my signature skills are acrobatics, athletics and crafting. Am I trained in them or an expert? Are these 3 any special from the others?

A few things here.

1) There has been some changes in the rules. Characters get more skills than in the original rulebook, usually 5 + intelligence modifier (some of them fixed to a certain skill based on class). And ignore the signature skills, those are gone.

2) At level 1, becoming trained in skills can only make you be trained in skills, not become an expert in it. As you level up, you'll have chances to become trained or expert in a skill (Master and Legendary after you pass certain level thresholds). Perception isn't technically a skill anymore; in that it's not treated like the other skills. You can become an expert in it, but not at the same time as you increase your other skills.

Also, Perception is no longer a skill. There is a General feat to improve your Perception, but mostly it is a class feature.

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