Vigilantes / Familiars / Animal Companions: a PbP Formatting Question

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I'm considering starting a vigilante for PbP PFS games, but realized my question could work for familiars, animal companions and (in non-PFS games) cohorts. My question is thus: What is the best way to format swapping between identities (for a vigilante) or minions (for animal companions, eidolons, etc) if you want them to post separately? (Particularly useful for the vigilante, I think.) Should I waste a PFS# to make a full profile for the second identity, or is there an easier way?

Maybe same post with spoilers marking each separately, or something to that effect? I am open to any and all suggestions!

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You don’t need to use a PFS number. Just create another messageboard alias.

This is my Druid...

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This is his animal companion

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And this is him while wildshaped.

It works, and only one is a PFS alias

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Yes. Under your Account, you have the option to make an 'Alias' completely separate from the Organized Play section.

Oh wow. That is super handy! Thanks!

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