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Hey all,

Have an opening on my Tuesday night Pathfinder Mummy's Mask game- details below!

Character creation

-Starting level 3

-20 or 15 point buy (only 1 stat below 8 before modifiers, no stat above 18 before modifiers)

-3000 starting gold

-Races allowed are:

Core, Catfolk, Gnoll, Ifrit, Kitsune, Oread ,Nagaji, Ratfolk, Slyph, Undine (20 point buy)

Aasimar, Fetching, Tengu, Tiefling (15 point buy)

-Books allowed: Core Rulebook, Advanced Player's Guide, Advanced Class Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, Occult Adventures, Ultimate Equipment, Inner Sea Gods, Inner Sea Magic, People of the Sands, Ultimate Intrigue

-Must use Unchained versions of classes if available

-Only one archetype allowed per class

-Back ground skills in play

-2 traits- 1 must be from the Player's Guide, the other from list of approved sources

-1 Drawback

-Max HP at 1st level. Level ups are 1/2 HD+1

-No evil alignments

-Must have background story

Game stuff

-Game nights will be 2 out of 3 Tuesdays (Play 2 Tuesdays in a row, take 1 week off, repeat cycle) at 830 PM (CST) until 1130 PM (CST).

-We will be using Maptool for combat/visual aids and Discord for voice/campaign management.

-All character sheets must be up to date on Discord after each session.

-Minimum of 3 players and GM for session to make. If you are not there, your PC will be left somewhere doing something outside the group. If that is not reasonable, then someone else will play your PC

-As online plays at a slower pace, please have your character's action ready prior to it being your turn.

-GM has final say on all rules. I'm not going to debate something you don't agree with during the session.

-I believe in the rule of cool, before the rule of roll, so try and make your character interesting out of combat as well.

-If you are rude, offensive and/or act like a jerk to others, I reserve the right to remove you from the group.

-Download the free Mummy's Mask Player's Guide here: ayers-Guide

Other stuff

-I would prefer if you submit two characters for me to choose from, but I'm not going to make this a requirement. I will choose from what I feel are the 5 players with the most potential for the game and put the others on a waiting list if they would like.

-If you aren't familiar with Maptool, we can give a quick tutorial. It's pretty easy to use as a player and we will have some people in the group who have been using it since 2006.

-If you have any questions, feel free to post them on here.

-I will take submissions until December 4th and plan on starting the selected player on December 11th.


Silver Crusade

are you taking submissions here? (Just wanted to be sure and not assume things)

-What are the other classes being used?
-Is it mostly a voice game, or text based game?
-Are you use the elephant in the room feat tax rules? (figured I'd ask, but it seems you are not, just wanted to make sure, sorry for the bother.)

Liberty's Edge


The current party is:

Human Kineticist
Ratfolk Witch
Dwarf Fighter
Elf Occultist
Human Oracle

It's a voice based game and we don't use the elephant in the room feat tax rules.

If you're interested, I can PM you and discuss further.

Silver Crusade

I'm interested yeah.

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