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I'm a paladin of Abadar, it's a pretty sweet gig if I do say so myself, and my god's favored weapon is the crossbow. This being the case, I figured I should focus on using it in combat, if/when it negotiations break down to it. Things were difficult prior to the the most recent update, 1.6, as there was very little in my class abilities to support fighting from range. Nobody said that sticking to one's beliefs was easy, but I worship one of two god's that get the damage dice bump from Deific weapon, so I got that going for me, which is nice. An issue comes up when I reached level 3; I get this pretty nifty ability called Righteous Ally. It lets me do some pretty nifty stuff, but I'm finding a problem. Two of my choices are no go's. I can buff my ability to use a shield, which I don't use as I need both hands to work my crossbow. I could get this pretty cool horse, which I would never use in combat for the same reason as before, it hampers my crossbow use. The third option available to me is Blade Ally.
It's worded like so:

Blade Ally: A spirit of valor inhabits your weapon, granting
it additional power. Select one weapon each morning when
you make your daily preparations. In your hands, the
weapon gains your choice of the disrupting, ghost touch,
returning, or shifting property (see page 370), without
it counting against the weapon’s maximum number of
properties. In addition, you gain access to the weapon’s
critical specialization effect.

Pretty cool ability that, while named Blade Ally, repeatedly uses the word weapon and is therefore open to weapons like my crossbow... until you dig deeper.

Disrupting: Melee weapons
Ghost Touch: Melee weapons
Returning: Thrown weapons
Shifting: Melee weapons

Per the rules as I read them, none of these enhancements can be added to my crossbow or bolts. That makes all three options for my Righteous ally kinda worthless. Did I miss something in one of the updates? I appreciate what Paizo has done for my fellow Paladins of Abadar and Old Deadeye, but this is a somewhat major class feature.
Could we:
Allow Paladins to bypass the normal restrictions on these enhancements?
Add an additional enhancement that would apply to a ranged weapon?

As I said, I'm just a simple Paladin of Abadar and I just want to enjoy myself, while getting my fair wage for the effort. Is that too much to ask?

Welcome to being a paladin.

The one session I've had so far I totally forgot to pick my ally benefits and...none of them were going to do a damned thing for me: we hadn't been fighting undead of any kind, shifting is more ore less pointless, and I wield a longsword.

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Hmm, interesting find.

My reading of it is that you aren't etching a rune onto the weapon but instead imbuing rightous might into the weapon itself giving it the property without requiring the rune (since it doesn't count towards rune limit on the weapon).

So the weapon with "Blade Ally" is still getting the property or the ability.

The property rune item, normally, would require it be etched into the appropriate weapon so the weapon gains that property.

Either way again a few words to clean up the text would be appreciated here in the final version devs.

But would love to hear a quick answer to the intended reading.

Huh, didn't know all of those were melee only. That stinks.

I doubt the designers intended that blade ally abilities could be applied to weapons the runes are not allowed to be applied to. Considering how strictly they have been keeping to the "Thou shall not" mode.

Paladins seemed to be straight up designed to be pure melee, at least for the playtest. They did add ranged reprisal in 1.6, but that won't work with a crossbow very often. I would not be surprised if they added more options when the full rules come out and then there will be supplements they will be adding more stuff as time goes by.

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