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Greetings all. Im an experience pathfinder player looking for a game in the salt lake area. Looking for a game that adheres to the rules and isnt to farfetched. I also dm and can play multiple toons hmu!

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You are currently posting on the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild subforum, which is the global organized play campaign.

Your question seems wider than just pathfinder society, but I think it does fit nicely with your preference for following the rules and not too farfetched stories.

Check out the coordinator list for a Venture officer in your vicinity!

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a brief intro for PFS

Here's the local groups warhorn

here's their scheduel

and a map to their games


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Hey Wolfius,
If just noticed this thread. We have a ton of games going on in SLC if you haven't found one yet.

For starters, I am the VL of the Salt Lake Valley and would be happy to help if you need anything. You can message me here if you like or meet me at one of the events.

Rough breakdown:
Mondays - We are trying to get something running at the U of U but are currently short players. I don't make this one but I can put you in touch with the GM in charge of that, if you like.

Wednesday - Demolition Games, 3300 South and roughly Main. They game from 6-10 usually.

Thursday - Technically nothing in the valley but games in Logan and Lehi if you are interested in those.

Friday - Hastur Games, State and about 6800 South. 6-10 PM. This one has a ton of new players so they are running low end stuffs.

Saturday - Oasis, 400 South and about 300 East. Two sessions, noon to 4 is quests and evergreens. 6-10 varies a lot on the week.

I make most Fridays and Saturdays but I miss from time to time due to health, full tables, work, etc. Standard being human things.

I will also try to email you and make sure you got everything or if you have any questions.

Hey bud so I actually went into a super work mode since the last I wrote that and dropped any pathfinder hopes. Also the fact I couldn't find a game. I have actually started a Tabletop simulator game or well still building it over discord.
But I would love to meet some like minded people. I don't do well in big crowds and loud events.
Even chatting or messaging about the game is fun but id love to join a well put together game if you know of one:0

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