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List of creatures you can summon via Planar Ally

To my knowledge there is no other list of all the creatures you can summon via the Planar Ally spell so I decided to create one.

The list contains monsters that have higher HD than the spell lets you summon, but I figured why not just complete the list of outsiders.

The list uses all Core Rulebooks as it's sources.

The list does not leave out monsters that might not be good to summon (such as the Ahkhat that will return to it's home one round after being summoned).

If all you have is a list of creatures with the outsider type, there's a page for that on d20pfsrd. To have a benefit you need to include something more. Some notes on which outsiders are preferred by which deities perhaps?

Link me to that list that shows the same info as in my list. I do not believe one exists. Especially one that lists by HD which is what the spell calls for.

Check out the Monster DB as linked by d20pfsrd. This is a complete spreadsheet of the monster stat blocks. While the HD column shows the full #d#+#, you can parse this to get HD. It also indicates type, such as outsider, etc.

For a simpler list, check out the d20pfsrd monster search for finding just the right monster.


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