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6. Is it true that there is a place in the Crucible, that if you shoot it, the Crucible will blow up?

7. As a GM who's going to start running a group through Dawn of Flame soon: any advice, about the AP in general, or Chapter 6 in specific?

8. Some of the (few and far between) criticism of the AP I've seen floating around the web is that General Khaim never gets a chance to shine; he has no "Villain Moment" with a big reveal, monologue, or Aha! moment for the heroes. Assuming that's so (and I've not read that chapter, so who can say as to the accuracy of that) would you change anything about either the AP, or Chapter 6?

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Hey HMM!

As to your question about the Prelurian Patrol, well since that's an organization of Preluria, which is in Near Space, maybe we'll all know a bit more about it come next year!

Once we do, maybe there will be some AP fodder there...

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Ooh, that's a long time to wait for Near Space. I guess I'll just have to hang tight! Though I suspect that we will see Veskarium-based adventures first!

★ --- ★ --- ★ --- ★

Thanks by the way for an amazing show. It was great getting so much insight in the development process!


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I am positively ACHING for the Near Space book because it will actually be our first real deep dive into a place beyond the Pact Worlds and the threats that live beyond the system. Yes, Aeon Throne and Signal and Swarm have given us glimpses but we need to see the whole thing.

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The show yesterday was a blast and I think folks enjoyed seeing some behind-the-scenes developer stuff, like my original map for Assault on the Crucible before Sims and Damien Mammloiti made it awesome.

Questions from the stream I did not get to answer:

Q) How many Jasons are there in the Paizo offices, anyway?
A) Four. Myself, Jason Keeley, Jason Bulmahn (whose Knights of Everflame is burning up the internet), and Lu Pellazar, who has held honorary Jason status since 2018.

Q) Is Tondro writing the outline for the Threefold Conspiracy?
A) I am not! That outline was written months ago. In fact, most of the adventures for that AP have already been turned in by their authors and are in development. I will be developing back matter for the Threefold Conspiracy, however.

Q) In a lot of ways, the Burning Archipelago is now the most fleshed out part of the Pact Worlds. Do you think that people will now see the sun as more than just a mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnace?
A) I hope so! This came up on the stream, but there was an early conversation about the nature of stars in Starfinder. Are they nuclear furnaces, or are they made of positive energy, and more fantastic-magical? And the answer for Starfinder is, of course, they're both. And you're right, the Archipelago has gotten a lot of development in this AP, and many of its domes and locations have been detailed and explored. In some ways that was possible because the Archipelago is relatively small compared to, say, Castrovel. It's still nowhere near as detailed as Absalom Station, but it's a wonderful setting where you could base many different campaigns. I'd like to run a game set in the Archipelago after the events of Dawn of Flame, for example.

Q) How much hinting towards future Adventure Paths is generally done when plotting out the one you're working on.
A) Very little, because we don't know what the future Adventure Paths will be. When we were plotting out Dawn of Flame, for example, that was the farthest in the future we were planning. We had a long list of potential AP ideas for what might be beyond that, but it was just a list of maybes. Instead, what happens is, as we do an AP or a hardback, authors leave plot hooks and adventure seeds in the manuscript, and later, when we're brainstorming AP ideas, we see those plot hooks and think, "Hey, I want to pick that up and run with it." So rather than hinting at future APs by design, authors leave these seeds in the ground which we, as developers, later go back to and harvest.

Q) With PF2e launching with the Fall of Plaguestone, do you plan on Starfinder having a module? (Note: modules are self-contained soft-cover adventures that are not part of an AP.)
A) Everyone in the Star Chamber would love to see Starfinder Modules happen. We're talking about this a lot.

See you all next time, and thank you for watching!

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Watched the twitch stream and wanted to add that I think General Khaim would have really benefited from Pathfinder style "Here is entire two pages on background and personality and campaign role in the AP" thing starfinder aps don't have pages reserved for.

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That's fair!

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Have to admit though that unless Paizo increases Starfinder AP pages from 68, I'm not sure what articles I would like NPC articles replace since I've so far loved all articles and bestiaries in Starfinder APs.

Also have to admit that Starfinder APs have made me appreciate Pathfinder's NPC articles more :'D Lack of them has opened my eyes to how neat and useful it is to have article dedicated to exploring NPC deeper.

Anyway, the I forgot the most important thing I wanted to comment on:

Please please make Pyric Corruption a thing in future? :'D It'd be cool(well burning I guess) and really fitting for Starfinder original corruption!

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Hey Starfinders!

This Wednesday is all about THE SWARM! Who are they? Why are they here? Why should be hit them with fire axes?

This will be a lore episode about the Swarm in Starfinder. And also in proxy about the Adventure Paths they are tied too. So if you have any preliminary questions for Starfinder Wednesday. You can list them here.

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Umm... Dunno what to ask about The Swarm.... Have they ever encountered The Hive? Would Swarm Corruption makes sense? Are there gonna be Swarm ships that look more like giant space bugs?

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What makes the Swarm different from, say, Tyranids or Zerg? What's their defining feature?

The Swarm/Shirren articles in the AP volumes are quite enlightening as to the Swarm's biology/techniques, but it begs the question: do Swarm compmonents have a preference to shirren targets to this day, or are shirren now just 'enemy to be harvested for resource'.

I'm a big fan of the detailed Orzaka Institute of Swarm Biology (I in fact have a biohacker concept that would fit in perfectly with there). What sort of breakthroughs could they have hypothetically made in 'freeing' the Swarm? Are there any plot hooks (whether in AotS! or beyond) that expand on this organization?

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More questions:

4) Each AP has its own unique look. What inspired the look in Attack of the Swarm? I really like the blue organic look to this AP.

5) This is the first AP with its own built-in player guide! Have you gotten good feedback on it yet? I was so excited to see this component in the first book. What sorts of things do you try to cover in a Player Guide?

6) We have all heard about the Psychic Magic article. What other sorts of AP back matter gems lay in this adventure path?

7) How deep do we get to go into the shirren culture and psyche in this adventure path?

Off topic: I really wanted a scene in the SDF with a drill sergeant, just so that I could call the players, 'maggots!'

8) Clearly, with a name like 'Attack of the Swarm' the players expect to FIGHT! But APs need more than combat. They need moments of self-reflection and discovery. How did you find ways to build in different moods into this storyline?

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9) I just want to know if there is a moment where the entire team gets swallowed by a giant bug, and then has to cut themselves out, and then come out victorious -- yet still covered in bug goo! Can you imagine anything more EPIC? What kind of gory treats lay ahead of us? Is this going to be more action-packed than Live Exploration Extreme!!!?

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Oh oh, I thought a question! Are there aquatic swarm or do swarm have another tactic against aquatic worlds?

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Biggest question on my mind:

What was the thinking behind the design choices for the Swarm Ships? Why aren't they "Buggy-ier"?

When will we be getting more fun and meaningful cybernetic augments? it feels like biotech and to a lesser extent magitech gets all the cool features. And what little bit of cool stuff cybernetics gets, biotech gets also with adaptive biochains which, if the character is a biotechnician, they still get at a discount in spite of the markup. I have two different cybernetics obsessed characters but I'm having a hard time buying cybernetics for because most of them just aren't that useful or interesting.

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