Things from Players Companion / Campaign setting you feel deserved a hardcover release? Or: Best of Softcover Books.

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With PF1 coming to a close, I wanted to see what the forums thought were the "Best Of" softcover rules content. A lot of the stuff that gets mentioned out of these is just for being plain old broken (Sacred geometry) or useful for only fairly narrow builds and there's a lot of junk to sift through. Mention any tweaks you'd give it. Non-unique items from AP/modules worth a mention too.

Adaptive Shifter/Fencing Grace: Stealth fixes for hardcover stuff. Nothing more needs to be said

(Greater) Bladed Dash (Inner Sea Magic): A simple spell that does something most gishes want to do AND it plays nicely with class features? This is great. Should be added to the Bloodrager list now that that class exists though.

Eldritch Scoundrel Rogue Archetype (Magic Tactics Toolbox): A major change to the base class that's still reconizable and fills a distinct roll. Accomplished Sneak Attacker to go Rogue 1/Wizard 3/Arcane Trickster is more powerful, but the simplicity and doing it from level 1 is nice. Should let them cast in light armor (but make them get proficiency/0 ACP armor) or at least make that a talent.

Ancestor Eidolon Subtype (Blood of the Beast): A flavor rich option that's actually backed up by fun mechanics. I'd make the effect HD advance to 3 at Summoner 8 (giving a Rogue Talent and better caster level for Sorcerer) and 8 at 16 for a smoother curve. Also alter the wording a bit so Half Elf/Half Orcs can have Humans/Elf/Orc ancestors. Maybe drop alignment restrictions (Blood of the Beast's crunch was pretty solid in general)

Bladed Dash (Inner Sea Magic): Does something most gish want to do with efficiently and it plays nice with the Magus's class features as a bonus. Add it to the Bloodrager list.

Advanced Armor/Weapon Training (Armor/Weapon Master's Handbook): Class features? On the Fighter? Yes!

False Face spell (Heroes of the High Court): Solves a lot of deficiencies for polymorph disguises at low levels.

Cornugon Smash feat (Empire of Devils): Makes Intimidate on melee types actually worthwhile. Hurt by PF's uneeded nerf to demoralize, but whatever.

Dhampir alternative heritage (Blood of the Night) Kitsune alternate racial traits (Blood of the Beast): Breath some new life into non-core races.

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deuxhero wrote:
False Face spell (Heroes of the High Court): Solves a lot of deficiencies for polymorph disguises at low levels.

I'm really glad someone noticed this one. ^_^

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Void Kineticist element (Occult Origins): Fully distinct specialization.

Eldritch Archer Magus Archetype (Heroes of the Streets): More varied weapons on the main gish class is always nice.

Urban Bloodrager and Urban Skald (Heroes of the Streets): Useful counterparts to a fairly core Barbarian option.

Weapon and Armour modifications (Adventurer's Armoury 2): Direct control of your main equipment is always nice.

Just remembered the only update elemental spell lists ever got was buried away in Planes of Power

The Malice Binder Investigator archetype in Blood of the Coven. It has such good flavor, having it seem more steeped in folk lore/hedge wizardry. Plus, it is a solid archetype as well for a solid class.

All of the Razmiran content from Inner Sea Magic. I just love that there was content put out to support a false deity, as that has been used so much in fiction and fantasy but now we have rules as how it works in such a setting. I love it.

I don't know that I think any of the Companions/Setting books NEED to be in a hardcover. The whole point of buying them the first time is to have them. Having them collected is not necessarily a good thing. Take the Book of the Damned for instance. Everyone was clamoring for it to be released and then a wave of folks turned on it for being "BADWRONGFUN" book of evil entities doing evil deeds.

That said, the Tactics series and the Handbook series of players companions are some of my favorites. I wouldn't mind seeing them expanded a bit but not just collected. I'd need new content. It seems like those along with a new collection of weapons would make for another nice "Combat" style collection. "Ultimate Tactics" perhaps? But, I have the books, so I don't care at this point. Viva la 2.0.

I wasn't talking about a whole books, I was talking about speciffic items. MIC and SC are two of the most popular 3.5 books for having consistently good material, even if it was reused and using the reprint to do small updates/fixes. Even then the alternate title of "Best of Softcover Books" is worth discussing.

Jester's Jaunt made into a core spell.

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Humans of Golarion having domains for Aroden was nice.

Lantern Lodge

The weapon master handbooks. Some of its content should have been in core.

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