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Silver Crusade


I was editing one of my other aliases (Claw, Spawn of Achaekek) and when I hit "save changes" the changes have been applied to this alias (Sleeping Sword).

Is it possible to recover the previously saved details for Sleeping Sword please?

This is my PFS character sheet for a live Play-by-Post game.

Paizo Employee Software Developer

Normally it isn't possible to get this kind of data back for users since it overwrites existing data, but I was able to find a temporary record of your character's profile before the changes. I've copied it over to Sleeping Sword, but note that it may be somewhat out of date. I'll also investigate to see what may have caused the bug. Please let me know whether the updated information looks correct or if you encounter any other issues.

Silver Crusade

Thanks Robert

The restored info is from just before the start of the current scenario, so not too hard to get back to where I was. Much less work than retyping from the paper copy!

Much appreciated.

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