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I am new to the GM world and in fact I am new to the pathfinder world to be honest, my group and I started playing pathfinder with a friends friend and he was good at the start then he just started to kind of forget about the time we were going to play. We scheduled to play every sun at 7, some day we would show up and he would be like "oh crap is that today I am not ready but I will throw something together really quickly" he did this multiple times. So I stepped up and said we shouldn't have him as th GM and I volunteered to GM ( I am the more organized one of the group and the less lazy one as well) so with that I am trying to figure all this out. Anyway that out of the way I was wondering if anyone knows or has a list of like Premade shops with item prices and what not we are in magimar right now. The other question is I am playing the playtest and I am still not to familiar with how spells work I have read the book but have never played a spell person, what is the process of casting some of them. I know like magic missile it hits regardless and other you have to do a roll to see how effectic it is or something. I just get a bit confused reading about that stuff I am a better hands on person.

Have to get ready for work now but I will try to provide an in-depth answer later if someone doesn't beat me to it.

First of all, you really do not need to build a shop, Magnimar is a big city and almost everything should be avaiable. In my experience I never bought something in a shop (unless it was plotrelevant), and just bought everything in Downtime, because it might be interesting for buying the items for one character in game, but for the whole group it is tedious in my opinion.

Spells in short and simple:
There are one-action, two-action, three-action spells, and some with a longer casting time than that. If the spell has only verbal components, it does not provoke (because verbal has not the manipulate trait).
There are different kinds of rolls for spells:
Touch Attack / Ranged touch Attack / Attack roll: this is str+ spell proficiency or dex+ spell proficiency against AC or TAC of the enemy (str is only usable in melee, dex is usable for both melee and ranged)
Saving throw: the enemy makes a saving throw (fortitute/reflex/will) roll against your Spell DC
Spell roll: in some spells you have to make a spell roll (caster stat+spell proficiency) against the Saving throw DC of the enemy (its fortitude bonus + 10 (or reflex or will)
Counteract roll: this is... okay I cannot explain it, I used it several times and still do not understand it.

so I do under stand the actions, like the heal spell. Really like that there are 3 ways to cast that.
Saving throw: the enemy makes a saving throw (fortitute/reflex/will) roll against your Spell DC
Is this for every spell? Like from what I have read and listen to on podcasts spells like magic missile do instant damage without having to do the saving throw. And would I need to do something like a save throw for say a ally healing another ally to see if the spell would actually work?
I am better understanding what all needs to happen when casting thanks for the words of knowledge I wish that I had other people to play with before I started GM'ing.

Every spell says how many actions it needs and what kind of saving throw if it uses one (Except for Divine Wrath which was misprinted but fixed later, it uses Fortitude).

Willing targets of a spell never have to roll a save against that spell I believe. Either way beneficial spells generally require willing targets and/or don't have a saving throw.

Some spells have to hit the target. Spells like acid splash, acid arrow, and ray of frost are sort of ranged touch weapons. You aim adding your dexterity, just like a ranged weapon attack, usually against touch AC. Shocking grasp is a melee attack. In these cases you don't also get a saving throw.

Thanks guys for the info, I guess I was thinking it couldn't be that easy but from talking to you guys and reading more I was just over thinking how spells work.

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