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Hi everyone! There's a few new features on the site, along with a new book and lots of additional rules. Check out the full list below!

New Books
[Player Companion] Plane-Hopper's Handbook

Site Updates
- More rules have been added from the Advanced Player's Guide, the Advanced Race Guide, Ultimate Campaign, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, and the GameMastery Guide.
- Spells can now be sorted by school in the area for any class.
- Hyperlinking has been added in dozens of places throughout the rules section
- Bestiary 5 has been added to, though it and Bestiary 6 are still on the backlog, along with recent Adventure Paths
- Much PFS Legal data has been updated

Coming Up - 11/25/2018
The Construct Handbook, Martial Arts Handbook, and more are coming in late November - I hope to have a large Adventure Path update for you by then as well!
This is a partial update, as you see, Alien Archive 2 is still missing a bit of content. The full list of what's been uploaded so far is in the link below - I had hopes to have it finished by today but things get in the way, and as such it's now in a partial state. I plan to have it completed by this coming weekend and will push another update to finish it, so you needn't wait long. The main reason I wanted to push the update now is because a long-awaited feature is ready - the new search!

New Books
[RPG] Alien Archive 2

Site Updates
- The Search Engine is ready for use! This is a similar initial layout to my Pathfinder one, but you will find the output drastically different. Now the various results will sort by highest matches found, with exact matches and matches that contain all words searched taking priority. It also runs like lightning compared to the old code I wrote on the Pathfinder side. Huge amount of thanks to both Milan Badzic and Andy Mason for their work in putting this engine together. Please send any feedback about the search engine to feedback@aonsrd.com - assuming people like the format, we will push out more updates to the layout and eventually migrate the code over to Pathfinder as well.
- I've updated Systems with a new feature that will check for any Aliens that appear on the System, now listing these at the bottom (eg: Castrovel).
- The Rules page has been updated to allow sorting by Source or grouping all rules entries.

Coming Up - 11/25/2018
Adventure Paths and material from Starfinder Society will be arriving next month, though as mentioned above, expect an update in a week or so with the remainder of Alien Archive 2!

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