How would you build a Good Goblin who worships Sarenrae?


How would you build a Good Goblin who worships Sarenrae?

Specifically focusing on the Sun (or even more specifically Fire) and Redemption parts of her portfolio?

Are there any classes/archetypes that are very focused on fire and/or nonlethal damage? Even better if using a Scimitar.

Silver Crusade

Non-lethal damage is as simple as taking the Blade of Mercy trait.

Mechanically, a goblin would be suitable for a Dawnflower Dervish Bard.

To focus on fire, an alchemist would be a better choice. I don't know how easy it is to do non-lethal fire damage though. :)

A theologian cleric can be a decent blaster using fire. Sarenrae's divine fighting technique can make either melee or blasting nonlethal, and give you a little self-healing for doing so.

Sarenrae worshiping Druid with the Fire domain that uses Sarenrae's divine fighting technique and also profession(chef) to torment delighted worshipers with his spicy dishes.

Alternatively a Sorcerer with either the Dragon(red/gold) or Elemental(fire) bloodline, and the same divine fighting technique. I'd say Merciful Metamagic but it turns every spell into a full round action while the DFTechnique doesn't add any additional time. Instead invest 2 feats into Healer's Hand and Skill Unlock: Healing so you can max out the benefit from the fighting technique and the 10 ranks in healing it requires for the advanced benefit.

Also since this is a goblin, pick up Stealth and Performance(sing). After all Goblins love: Sneaking, Singing, Fire, and Food.

And as a good follower of Sarenrae the goblin should always try to redeem the evil Dogs and Horses and show them the right path to take.

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