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One of the things that I love about Starfinder is the Alien Archive rules for creating NPCs and Monsters and such. So someone asked for stats for a Help Hound. So I went to the Starfinder rules and whipped one up.

Help Hound
CR 3
Size: small (which is rather large for a dog)
Type: Magical Beast
Subtype: Agathion

STR +1
DEX +1
INT +2
WIS +4

(K)AC: 15
EAC: 14

Fort +4
Ref +4
Will +6

Speed: 40

Perception +8
Acrobatics +13
Athletics +13
Survival +13
Medicine +8
Sense Motive +8

Bite +10, 1d4+4 piercing

Darkvision 60 ft
low light vision
+4 to saves vs poison
immunity to electricity and petrification
cold resist 10
sonic resist 10
healing ability: 3/day heals 4d8 HP

These hounds are native to Nirvana in the celestial planes. They are sometimes found on the material plane in wilderness areas looking for travellers in distress. When they encounter other intelligent travellers they often help by finding food for them using their survival skill, using Aid Another to help them traverse the terrain, or by providing healing with either their healing skill, or their Healing ability.

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Missed one.

HP 35

That may become important at some point.

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Some things that I notice when comparing the Starfinder created NPC to the prebuilt NPC creature in PF2 playtest bestiary.

Specifically looking at the Hell Hound, what I built the Help Hound to be a parallel of.

Hell Hound is a CR 3 monster, so I used the CR 3 arrays from Starfinder. Specifically the Expert array - because the creature is supposed to have a bunch of skills that it can help with.

HP: The PF2 creature has almost double the HP of the Starfinder creature.

Stats: The Starfinder rules only give guidance on the highest three ability modifiers. The other three are left to GM fiat. The ability modifiers for the Starfinder creature is quite a bit higher than the PF2 creature.

Saving throws are approximately equal. At least for the CR 3 point.

AC is quite a bit lower for the Starfinder creature. I suspect that this is because most (5 of the 7) classes have a 3/4 level BAB, where in PF2 all classes have 1/level BAB.

Attacks: The attack bonus for the Starfinder creature is slightly higher. And this is for the Expert array. The Combatant array is slightly higher still.

On the other hand, the damage done by the Starfinder creature is less than half what the PF2 creature does. The Combatant array is a little bit better, but still nowhere near as much as the PF2 numbers.

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I have heard people on these forums complaining about the arbitrary rules for NPCs. And I do understand. When playing D&D 3.5 I would usually put the stats from the monster manual onto a regular character sheet and recalculate the base statistics. It really helped for trying to adjust a monster: giving it different weapons or adding levels.

But after creating campaign content in Starfinder for a few weeks, I don't want to have to go back to that.

The Alien Archive has less than 100 premade monsters, but the number of NPC/Monsters that I can pull from that book is limitless. Anything I can think up, at any CR I want it to be at. In about 30 minutes of work. Tailored specifically to the campaign that I am running.

And if you really still have a problem with this and want to have NPCs follow the same rules as the PCs, there is no reason that you can't do that. You can still create all of your NPCs using PC rules.

Although there aren't PC rules for all of the various monsters that exist. So maybe only use PC rules for NPCs and stick to the monster rules for monsters. That would probably work better and would still keep the immersion of having the game world consistent.

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Thank you, this is amazing. I love the idea of a goodly counterpart to a hell hound. :D

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I'd probably add in a 1-action ability that works like a bard's inspire competence but keying off of sense motive (perception in PF2). When they notice someone in need, they give a shout to try and help. Allows them to help in a broader range of situations out of combat, and makes the name fit a bit better. And it doesn't seem to unbalance combat, just give some thematic synergy with skill-combat abilities.

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