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Hell's Vengeance

So I'm starting book 3 today, and I want to say this has been a great campaign so far. So much fun things for the PC's to do and the theme of the game has been presented very well.

Does anyone have any particular pieces of advice for book 3? I've read the sticky thread for it but wanted to double check with you all if there is something to look out for.

Great AP so far!

Actually this book went pretty smoothly for us.

Senara: Not much there. My party allied with Tillo so the only one they really fought was the Angel.

Bounties: This is a biiit of a waste. I got lucky and one of the PCs, who wanted to be a Hellnight, wanted to do them all to impress the Pike. Otherwise your players may wanna skip on them. Pin that component list somewhere. My guys kept forgetting what they needed to do.

Fex: 99% the moment they get that note from Fex they will drop it all and return to Longacre. My players did unanimously. You may want the confrontation with Fex in Longacre but if you don't be ready with a story and hope it sticks. "Of course I told Visperthul that you would be the sacrifices. I lied my friends, to get his cooperation. Would I EVER go against my beloved allies? So here's the plan. You found the talisman didn't you? Im trying to BIND him! But I needed a story, couldn't tell him that could I?" Some crap like that. My PCs bought it.

Battle outside the gate: My party ran through. Scouted, killed the first group and took their armor, disguised themselves and ran. They fought once in the start (for the clothes), once to pass the bridge and once the leader before entering the fort. I described like "Theres a LOT of fighting going around you" so we skipped some of that. There's too many encounters, I'd suggest you do the same.

Stairway battle: Just ask for a couple of rolls and describe it. Its on a thin stairway, your party will be in a silly blocked position with low level opponents all over. Its a really spooky scene but I think it should be mostly narrated.

Final battle: Quite hard for my PCs. I kept Visp out of it. They attacked him after and almost died. So I had him say mid battle "See how I can kill you all? Bargain or die!"

thanks for the advice!

They just got the note and immedately knew that Fex is betraying them, somehow. However they decided to continue with the quest and see how they can turn it in their favor.

I also have a PC Druid of Yogsothoth who is going to try and turn the gate into a far realm one to bring some elder gods through. But thats just a bit of personal stuff. lol

Well that's interesting. Post how it goes. My guys just had a chat with Visp, made a contract for Cheliax using the gate and turned it over to the Pike.

The Druid is currently collecting Elder Signs and looking to corrupt the Amulet. I'll see how it goes.

Well the druid did it. He sacrificed some specially held slaves and through the use of the elder signs corrupted the Phlegmatic talisman into a Talisman of Yhe.

Changed the portal into a dark tapestry portal, lol.

In the process he was dragged into it and sort of merged with it. The PC's then killed Fex to break the deal he had with Visperthul, drowned Razelago in some hellfire lava, and essentially said, "This portal is the GR's problem now, since they want Senara so bad."

The druid as thanks teleported the PC's out using eldritch magics (aka he wanted to retire the PC anyway.)

The PC's snuck back to Senara, kidnapped Blissy and then burned the house down with the rest of the slaves inside to punish the Fex namesake so no one could reclaim the land.

PC's are now holed up in Longacre with Izno the Inquisitor, when a trio of Ereynes suddenly appeared in the center of town...

Oh yeah, they actually used the celestial blink dogs heart as a way to stop the initial ritual from working as a way to make sure Fex was on the back foot during the ritual too. Lots of fun RP and bluff/slight of hand.

Why would they kidnap Blissy? And a burned down house doesn't mean you cant reclaim the land and build anew. They just deprive Fex's relatives of a house and maybe 50 platinum worth of slaves :P

They reaaally should have held on to that portal. Of course they couldn't know but the final book use of it provided us with a lot of laughs, strategy planning (Calling Vispy as a buddy and ally), housing problems (We're at 350 devils now? Umm... how many floors does this building have?), friendly imps (Trying to set PC against PC with lil whispers) and a few new friends from Hell :)

Not clamming much when the GR hold the territory. lol

KujakuDM wrote:
Not clamming much when the GR hold the territory. lol

Then why burn the house and the people? So that when the GR falls Fex's distant Uncle Bob has to rebuild the manor? Oh well, just find it weird unless they already met his cousin and just wanted to piss him off.

Well couldnt edit the post and I find I sometimes sound a bit negative and you guys seem to be having loads of fun! I do enjoy reading how another group is going through the same story, thanks for updating this!

I think they did it mostly because the entire game I was really hamming up how much Fex was using the PC's to advance his own station in things.

They actually wanted to kill him since the end of book one, and even more after book 2 and Fex essentially took all the credit for expelling the GR.

"Fex essentially took all the credit for expelling the GR." <- Thats actually good. I like when the PCs HATE, HATE, HATE the bad guy. Makes it all more satisfying when they finally go down.

Btw, a word of advice since we've finished the AP. If you can do the same with Alexerea somehow, it would be fun. The way the AP is written when you reach the final boss its the first time you ever meet her and the PCs had heard nothing of her other than 'shes the GR leader'. I missed the ball there. It wasn't personal or anything, just: Kill another boss you dont care about. Maybe you can do better and add something there :)

Like dunno: She sends people to try and kill them and they know it was her? She puts posters of their faces around with a bounty? Sends them a letter asking them to leave the dark side and come to the light? Somehow she needs a bit of connection to the PCs and there's none written in the AP.

I've been using the Angel Knight form book one as a constant supernatural threat to the PC's. Maybe I can do something with that too.

Gotta remember to bring up Alexerea then..

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