Looking for a short adventure for 9th level PCs


I'm looking for a short one-shot adventure for 9th-10th level PCs. A dungeon crawl with limited RPing would be just fine. Interesting tricks, traps or puzzles are good, as are novel or original use of monsters.

Why: because I have three experienced players who have agreed to try class / race combos that they haven't before (or not in a long while, or not at this level). So basically I'm looking for something to challenge and test their tactical and mechanical abilities. RPing I know they can do, and we'll get to that later.

Length: one shot startup session, so something we can play in a few hours. A smaller portion of a bigger module could be okay.


Doug M.

Cult of the Ebon Destroyers is pretty good. It's for 8th level characters, but you can easily just add a few extra mooks to the encounters to make it appropriate for 9th level characters. Eliminating the investigation portion of the adventure and just sending the PC's directly against the cult would shorten it down to about the length you're looking for.

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