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While Swords for Hire has exclusively done Pathfinder contests up to now, I'm excited to announce we're running our first Starfinder contest, with our long-running monster design challenge:

Having survived monsters from online wishes; Hell breaking loose; and from beyond the stars and out of the Primal World, Swords for Hire — now partnered with d20pfsrd! — are ready to deal with an ENTIRELY NEW BREED OF MONSTERS!

This year’s entries will not be monsters at all, in fact … they’ll be ALIENS! This year’s Here Be Monsters will be Swords for Hire’s first design competition for The Starfinder Roleplaying Game.

Here Be Monsters 5: Technology Gone Wrong takes what was our annual Pathfinder Roleplaying Game monster design contest and asks you to apply the same ingenuity to design in The Starfinder Roleplaying Game.

We’re calling on game designers to create a single alien with the theme “Technology Gone Wrong.” Five finalists will be picked by the Swords for Hire veterans Jacob W. Michaels and RPG Superstar Mike Welham, who will be joined by Paizo editor and fellow freelancer extraordinaire Lyz Liddell.

The Top 5 entries will get a critique from the three judges and then a winner will be determined by public vote.

In addition to invaluable feedback from the judges, the Top 5 contestants will each receive copies of a Legendary Games monsters product (Mythic Monsters). The grand winner will also receive a hardcover Mythic Monster Manual from Legendary Games AND a PDF copy of every Starfinder Roleplaying Game release that d20pfsrd has done, as well as a physical copy of the Starjammer: Core Rules.

More details and full rules can be found at http://herebemonsters.opengamingnetwork.com/.

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Does this require playable alien stats, or just a statblock used on the GM side?

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Stoked for a new Here be Monsters!

UllarWarlord wrote:
Does this require playable alien stats, or just a statblock used on the GM side?

According to the rules on the SwordforHire site, just a monster/alien entry, no stats for it to be a playable race.

As Belabras said, we do not want stats for players, just the GM's side.

There's still time to get your monsters in, but the deadline's approaching faster than Han Solo can do the Kessel Run.

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Looking forward to seeing the finalists!

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Looks like voting is open. Go vote!

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Congratulations to our winner: Quin Callahan's Shallow!

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