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Is there any reason to not make this more general, so that it can be used on most (any?) ranged weapons with reload 1.

Specifically, a halfling Ranger with a staff-sling (sling-staff?, I can't remember which it is)?

Yeah, the Halfling sling staff by itself was a little odd for me in comparison to PF1. The reload 1 by itself does not bother me, its comparable to how it was in PF1 {in fact its a bit better}. Minorly, there is no racial trait to remove the reload like there was PF1, but I could see a racial feat in the future with Halfling to do just that, and given the new system and actions, it can still be used without.{though it is a bit underpowered given other options that normally require less work to obtain.}.

What I find the most odd is the fact is it can no longer be used as a club, which is what I found to be the real benefit of it in PF1, even if you were not a halfling. While you did not have the best weapon for range, or for melee, you had a weapon that did both at the same time, allowing the character to use any benefits they had with the weapon for both modes of attack. For example, a fighter may buy a +3 Longsword but would still need to worry about range, however the person buying the +3 Halfling sling staff would have a +3 weapon for both melee and range. This would also apply to class abilities and feats. {I'm guessing this change was so the Halfling sling staff could fit a bit better into weapon groups and/or being able to focus just on one weapon for both melee and range could be a bit to powerful.)

As for crossbow ace, I'm guess its more of an oversight then anything game breaking {unless the critical specialization effect for Slings to inflict Slow 1 was too game breaking. As a side note the only weapons that are not crossbows which have a reload time are slings unless I missed something.). More people would think of a ranger heading into battle with a finely crafted and well tuned crossbow, then a piece of cloth with a string and a rock.

I was thinking the same thing. The Sling Staff is really strong as-is, though. The D10 damage die versus the D6 Shortbow or D8 Longbow isn't nothing, and don't forget that the Longbow has the terrible Volley trait (-2 to hit at ranges shorter than 50ft).

A 16(-2) Strength halfling would be dealing 1d10+1(6.5) damage every other action, so 18.5 damage over two rounds. A shortbow would be dealing 1d6(3.5) damage every action, so 21 damage over two rounds. The big difference here is that the shortbow has to land two -10 and two -5 attacks, while the sling staff only has to land a single -5 attack.

This means the sling staff is pretty beefy, especially when you pick up Quick Draw to reload it for free with your strikes (I'm assuming that's how that works). Every +1 you throw on the Sling Staff is going to increase the damage disparity as you add d10s instead of d6s to damage.

It'd still be nice if they added the ability to use it as a quarterstaff or club. It would make it a bit more unique without adding too much power.

john salb wrote:
The big difference here is that the shortbow has to land two -10 and two -5 attacks, while the sling staff only has to land a single -5 attack.


Statistics are a thing.

The average damage on the sling, including hit-rate (base: need a 10+ to hit) is 10.075

The average damage from the shortbow, meanwhile, is 7.35 in the same setup.

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