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This month, my issue of Return of the Runelords: Runeplague was misprinted. When I opened the cover, the first page I see is page 17, which then goes on in sequential order up to page 32 when flipping pages. Then, instead of page 33, it stars at page 17 again.

Seeing this problem, I went through the adventure paths I have received for the last year, just to see if this was the only AP issue with this problem. It is not, I found that my copy of Starfinder 04 Dead Suns AP The Ruined Clouds starts normally and sequentially through the pages all the way up to page 63, where the OGL legal text and the blurbs for the next issue's content is written; however, when flipping that page, you then see the advertisement for the Pact Worlds harcover, but opposite that page is page 49 again, which when turning through the pages after that point goes all the way to that Pact worlds ad at the back again (but, this time, it really is the back of the book with the inside back cover depicting the Klokworx Prism.

Normally, I first scan through the PDFs when I get them before the print copies and just put the print copies on the shelf, but this time I had not yet peaked at the PDF for Runeplague and flipped through the print copy. I'm glad I did that this time or I would not have caught the problem until getting ready for the day I would actually run Runeplague.

Can I get a replacement copy? I can provide photographic evidence or even return the defective copies, but I would rather not have to pay postage, if so.

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Hello Thundarr the Barbarian,

I'm sorry to hear that a couple of your APs had misprints! If you could please send pictures of what you are describing to Customer.Service@paizo.com, we can take a look at sending you replacements for the misprinted copies.

There will be no need to send any defective copies back and we will provide more information on the replacements in response to your email.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you!

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I always give my books a flip-through when they arrive, just to make sure there aren't any misprints like this.


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