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The Starship Combat Cheat Sheets in Into the Unknown are great. But can we get updated cheat sheets that include 6th and 12th level combat options? They are definitely becoming more relevant.

Grand Lodge 4/5 5/55/55/55/5

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Bill, here are the Updated Starship Combat Sheets that I use. They were produced by Paris Crenshaw for the Dead Suns AP, but usable elsewhere.


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These sheets are the ones I have been using since the November 2017 rules update (also the ones I had at our #1-99 table at Gen Con this year, though I made a bunch of them double-sided to give players options). Ever since I got full sets of them laminated, my local players have only been half-joking when they're said that they can't imagine doing ship combat without them!

I hope those (or Hmm's) help! :)

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