apps for vision-impaired player?


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Starting up a new homebrew adventure, I have a new player joining who has vision impairment. We play in-person not online, so far people have been mainly using paper character sheets or finding their own apps.

Does anyone have any good recommendations for apps that work well for blind/vision-impaired people, for a character sheet? She has some sight but the standard one is not clear enough for her to use reliably. I can print off a large-print version if need be, just wanting to see if there are any options already existing.

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I am ill-qualified to truly understand the needs of the vision-impaired, but I do have one thought that might be useful, but it's just a variant on what you've already thought of.

If your player were to learn how to read a standard monster statblock, they could use that instead of a traditional character sheet, which would allow significantly more flexible sizing. If it's done in something like Word, a tablet/laptop could be used to zoom in or out at will, and if they'd prefer something physical, a statblock can be printed at arbitrarily large point size.

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My fiancee is blind, and we use a device called "Pen Friend".

It's like an audio recorder in the shape of a pencil that comes with hundreds of stickers. When you touch the Penfriend to a small sticker, you can record your own voice to that sticker. (I record text-to-speech voices)

When you touch that sticker dot againb it will replay what you recorded onto it.

One dot has her attack, another her health, AC, ect. You can record on the fly and change the info anytime.

I'll post more later.

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