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All right, so we have tons of lore for the core pantheon (er, up to a point, I don't see Irori getting much love), and both Empyreal Lords and their fiendish counterparts have gotten some fleshing out...

But there are a few deities whose names have popped up over the years that I honestly can't seem to find much info on.Not talking about Vudrani deities, either- most of these seems to exist purely on the table at the end of Inner Sea Gods.

- Alazhra. Neutral evil goddess of dreams, night hags, and planar travel.
- Camazotz. Chaotic evil dog of bats, blood, caverns, and nocturnal predators. Per the recent planar hardcover, he has multiple divine realms to hang his hat in, but in terms of where his worshipers hang out and what they do, things are a bit hazier.
- Easivra. Lawful good deity of avians, gold, and the sun.
- Erecura. Lawful neutral goddess of deduction, mind-reading, and subtlety. We know she's Dispater's current fling, and even have some art of her, but, as with Camazotz, details on her faith are harder to pin down.
- Feronia. Neutral goddess of fertility, sacred fires, and wildlife.
- Kitumu. Chaotic evil deity of fireflies, hibernation, and swarms.
- Most of the giant deities.

Anybody know any sources where these guys get fleshed out a bit more?

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There is some new information in Planar Adventures:

Planar Adventures, p. 96 wrote:
Few deities are known to make their homes in the mists of the Ethereal Plane, (...) The only real exception is an obscure deity known as Alazhra the Dream Eater, a patron of night hags who has long dwelled on the Ethereal Plane to be closer to the dreams of mortals and gods alike. Many night hags believe that her continued presence is one of the things that gives them power over dreaming mortals. A nomadic demigod, Alazhra maintains no true domain of her own, for she considers the dreams of all mortals to be her playground.
Planar Adventures, p. 203 wrote:


Although the god of bats and blood is not widely worshiped in the Inner Sea region, Camazotz is noteworthy in that he maintains not one but three different divine realms — one known as Argahoz in the Abyss, the House of the Bat in the demiplane of Xibalba, and a region in the Darklands beneath Arcadia on Golarion called the Land of the Eleven Deaths.
Planar Adventures, p. 156 wrote:
(...) Of course, not all of Heaven’s divinities play significant roles on Golarion today. For example, the sun god Easivra is no longer widely worshiped on Golarion, although his influence is likely stronger in other realms.
Planar Adventures, p. 191 wrote:


The demigoddess Erecura is Dispater’s current wife. Known as the Queen of Dis, she is an outlier among Hell’s divinities, as she herself is not evil. Her worship is all but unknown on Golarion, where she is venerated only by a small and scattered number of soothsayers. She maintains no true realm of her own, and dwells in the iron city of Dis.
Planar Adventures, p. 138 wrote:


Unlike on the other Elemental Planes, another divinity of note dwells here: the mysterious demigoddess Feronia, known as the Fertile Flame. Feronia spends much of her time in a great commune built atop the tallest spires of her palace, the Cradle of Flames. Most believe she lives there with her fiery children, whom she’s said to have conceived with various divine beings over the millennia. Her most famous and only confirmed son is Ragathiel, the product of Feronia’s short-lived marriage to the archdevil Dispater; while their son was still a babe, Feronia amicably left Hell, taking Ragathiel with her, and nurtured him until he became an empyreal lord. The number of other nascent divinities Feronia currently protects remains unknown, but she is said to have thwarted several divine plots to retrieve or slay her charges. Similarly, suitors — even those of a divine nature — who try to insinuate themselves into the Cradle of Flames are invariably rebuffed, as Feronia insists on meeting and courting potential love interests on her own terms.
This might explain why Feronia is rarely seen except when she has taken a partner; even then, she often travels magically to and from her lovers’ realms. Although her natural state is said to be a massive, shapeless flame shot through with intricate rivulets of shining gold, she often takes the form of a beautiful, black-skinned woman with molten eyes, a swan made of pure flame, or a phoenix with a crown of gold and sapphires.
Planar Adventures, p. 168 wrote:

Giant Pantheon

The giant races worship a large pantheon of divinities (most of whom are demigods), but unlike the oversized stature of their kind, the giant pantheon does not hold a particularly oversized role in Elysium. Content for the most part to remain within their floating realm of Jotungard, a continent-sized fortress and wilderness that drifts on clouds above the Boundless Azure Ocean, the giant divinities are quick to exile those among their ranks who either risk the sanctity of the realm or raise arms against their sisters and brothers.

There isn't anything in there on Kitumu, as she resides on the Material Plane. But there is a story "Plague of Light", published alongside Serpent's Skull AP. Its 6th part takes place in a pyramid of Kitumu in Mwangi Expanse, and can provide some insight into her character.

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Easivra originates from (and plays an extremely minor, indirect role in) Council of Thieves; a tiny amount of information can be found in Pathfinder Adventure Path #27: What Lies In Dust. Slightly more background lies in [I]Pathfinder Adventure Path #40: Vaults of Madness[I], in the sabosan Bestiary entry. ^_^

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Soooooo not a hell of a lot about what their worshipers get up to then...

Hrm hrm hrm, time to flex my cult-crafting talents...

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Yup! Time to get creative! ^_^

What about Lissala? Sure, she's not that obscure to us players and DMs but in Golarion she hasn't been worshipped (other than maybe some small cults) in 11,000 years so I would assume the average citizen of Golarion has never heard of her.

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