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Hi there,

I've been wanting to get into RPG for quite some time now, and finally bought the Pathfinder Beginner's Box. I am keen to do solo adventures, because, living in the French countryside, in the middle of nowhere, there are few fellow players. Perhaps, once I am more familiar with the rules, I will take part in the online campaigns.

So, my question is, how should I proceed to start my journey into RPGing? What I am looking for are easy-to-understand adventures that I can follow, as I familiarise myself with the whole RPG thing, the rules, mechanics, etc.. I am familiar with dice games, I have played Warhammer Quest and table top battle games ( Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar ).

To start off, I think I will play the pre-made Cleric or Warrior ( I have not decided which ), but I'll probably end up with some kind of Dwarf, since I like those the best, once I feel brave enough to roll my own character.

Thanks in advance!

O Rogue

Some of the old computer RPG games based on Dungeons and Dragons can be picked up pretty cheap now on Steam, like Neverwinter Nights. They use mostly the same rules, except for having turns adapted into real-time. It's not the same as the real thing, but it's a chance to learn and play through a very similar system without having to do it all yourself when learning.

The old Icewind Dale 2 game is one of the best in my opinion, but uses an older rules system. Neverwinter Nights 2 is maybe the closest system, and an OK game, though the expansions are better than the original adventure I think. You can probably get a combined edition for a small price anyhow.

Almost everyone starts with a group of players that have never done this before. While you'll always feel like you are fumbling around just keep the story moving and don't get bogged down looking up rules all the time and you should be fine.

Try to get at least 2 players. Roleplaying is a group activity. You need an audience and you need fellow actors to really enjoy the experience. You don't want a large group to begin with. I would highly recommend you keep it to 2-4 players, though 6 isn't too horrible. The more players you add the more people tend to get lost and not paying enough attention to each of the players is bad.

Which is another point of GMing. Each player needs some attention. Everybody needs a few moments each game to feel special. They need to do stuff that they think of, so they feel involved in the game.

But really, 2 players are fine. Only one player gets to be less of an adventure and something maybe a bit too intimate.

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