need clarification on double slice 0 / 0 / -10(0 / -5 / -5) or 0 / -5 / -10 any devs?


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question I have is double slice way I am reading you make both attacks at current multi attack penalty so say you its your 1st set of attacks as long as offhand agile my bonus is +10 normal so I make my rapier/shortsword attacks at +10/+10 my last attack with shortsword is(-8) so is at +2. my dm is interpreting the feat as only for dr so r/s/s +10/+6/+2 anyone have ruling on this. if I was using 2 rapiers would be +10/+8+/+0 any feedback would be awesome. one way seems bit powerful other way completely useless considering its a lvl 1 feat and you don't c DR till much higher lvls

the feat pretty clearly states that it's at +0/+0/-8

tell your GM to compare it's wording to something like flurry or the new twin takedown feat for ranger.

those indeed do it like 0/-4/-8 but Double slice has the wording that


Make one Strike (see page 308) with each of your two melee weapons, each at your current

multiple attack penalty

that's why double slice costs 2 actions while flurry and twin takedown costs 1 action.

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Designer Mark Seifter refers to Double Strike here as an ability that avoids the multiple attack penalty:

Mark Seifter wrote:
When it should be the same, we can make it the same. But a lot of time it's better for a class to have something a little different. For instance, ranger might do well with something other than Double Strike for TWF that saves actions instead of avoiding multiple attack penalty, based on their mobile fighting style and their Hunt Target ability.

If it used your normal multiple attack penalty, it wouldn't be considered as an action that "avoided" the penalty. There would also be no need for the final line of text stating that it counts as two attacks for the multiple attack penalty if it functioned as normal.

Christ, how many posts are you going to make on this?

One (this thread)

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