Magic items for ghosts, story included


Long long time ago a Cleric of Gorum has met his fate to early in one of my campaigns. With no means to resusrect him, his ulfen comrades burned his body and sent him to Valhalla. Unfortunately he never arrived there. He had straied from the right path one to many times. Pharasma denied him entrance to the elysium and his soul was damned to wander the fires of hell, but not for all eternity. One of his former companions gained unbelievable power by serving baba yaga and has rescued his Soul from the tortures off hell.
So this pc in my campaign is now a ghost of his former character. This gives him alot of immunities, immortality and abilities. I ve decided to balance this by handicapping him how he can interact with wordly goods. Which means he can t use any new magic items(exept ghosttouch) he diddn t posses before turning a ghost. He s got a magic weapon, a ghosttouch hellknight armor and a cursed ring that adds+2 whenever he suffers dmg.
He s not very happy about the restrictions on magic items. What items can a ghost use legaly? Is there a cost I could add to create a mundane magic item with the ectoplasmic or ghosttouch ability?
I ve allowed him to make use of scrolls, should I allow him to make use of all items that have a magic trigger?
I would apreciate links to any magic item a ghost can equip or rules how I would go about to craft a magic item like a belt or so that could be worn by a ghost and the costs associated with it. Thank you very much

Save for Wish or True Resurrection, I think they are restricted to Ghost Touched gear, with spell scrolls and potions clearly out of the picture, but that's the cost for the undeath gains. They either have to learn to live with the limits or try to return to being mortal.

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