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The founder of Chaosium and developer of the world of Glorantha, the setting for the first Basic Roleplay game. Details HERE.

I never played much RuneQuest, back in the day, but its success indicated that there was a considerable market for non-Gygaxian RPGs. Rest in peace, sir. You made a lot of peoples' lives more enjoyable, and that is no mean feat.

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RQ was my first RPG and I loved it. I wish it had been more popular. Glorantha was a wondrous place, and my thanks to Greg Stafford for everything he contributed to making it so.

Thanks for posting this, sad as it is.

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*Waddles in and hangs head in silence for a few moments*

*Picks up a stone with his turtle-mouth, sweeps a level spot on the ground and gingerly places the stone on the spot, in hopes of it being the first stone of a cairn to honor of another fallen father of RPGs*

Rest in Peace, sir. You made the world a better place with your craft.

Glorantha was a great setting.

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::adds a stone to Cover Turtle's cairn::

We mortal creatures fade, but tales remembered and shared echo on eternal.

Fare thee well ser.

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