How much is a single Spell Point actually supposed to be worth?

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I cannot discern the rhyme or reason to how much a single Spell Point is actually supposed to be worth. At 1st level alone, 1 Spell Point can finance either a meager debuff like faerie dust or warped terrain, or a fairly decent power like divine ward, fire ray, or healer's blessing.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate this would be an 8th-level fey sorcerer. They have four 1st-level slots, four 2nd-level slots, four 3rd-level slots, and four 4th-level slots, but they might not be satisfied with that. They might just want more raw endurance throughout an adventuring day. For that, they turn to Spell Points. For 1 Spell Point, they can toss out a faerie dust for a paltry, one-round debuff.

However, this sorcerer spent their 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th level class feats on Paladin Dedication, Basic Benediction (Divine Domain), Healing Touch, and Advanced Benediction (Channel Life). The opportunity cost is not as high as it seems, because sorcerer feats from 1st through 12th are on the relatively meager side, and the sorcerer gains medium armor and shield proficiency out of the deal too. The sorcerer now has a Spell Point pool of 3 + Charisma modifier. For 1 Spell Point, they can cast heal, perhaps the single most powerful and flexible combat spell in the entire game due to how it heals a massive amount of hit points with no chance of failure. With Charisma modifier +4, that is a whopping 7 extra 4th-level spells per day.

How, then, is faerie dust's 1 Spell Point price tag supposed to look alongside a Channel Life heal's similar 1 Spell Point price tag?

Ya, faerie dust is fairly useless.

The sorc commiting a ton of feats to be able to heal like that seems fair to me though.

Now the way a cleric gets channel seems off to me. Imagine the ultimate heal bot: a cleric with paladin dedication and all those feats. I kinda think cleric channel should probably work off of spell points rather than be its own special pool.

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Spell points are going to be very different after the next update, as they are getting changed into Focus points that also manage item use, and getting buffed as well.

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The worth of a spell point scales with level and feats and class features.

That is the risk with a unified system. In Pathfinder 1st Edition, a Dreamspun bloodline's 1st-level power is Lullaby, a lot like the PF2 Faerie Dust power. The sorcerer can use it 3+Cha times per day. At 9th level he gains Dreamshaper as a once a day ability, which does not reduce his ability to use Lullaby. The worth of Lullaby remains the original worth of Lullaby.

In PF2 a sorcerer gains a spell point pool of the same size as his Cha bonus. A Fey Bloodline sorcerer can spend 1 spell point on Faerie Dust, essentially making it a 0+Cha times per day power. At 6th level, he gains Fey Disappearance, costing 2 spell points, which competes with Faerie Dust. In fact, he can consume 4 spell points to go invisible for a round while moving pretty freely, so he could burn the entire spell point supply in one activity. At 10th level, he gains Ridiculous Notion, which also competes with Faerie Dust and Fey Disappearance.

Thus, the spell points become more valuable, because more powers want them. And the powers become less valuable, because they need a resource that is stretched thinner.

The powers of the sorcerer bloodlines don't have to equal each other. Perhaps one bloodline has great powers and terrible granted spells and another bloodline has great granted spells and terrible powers. They balance in different areas. Such things happened in Pathfinder 1st Edition. Thus, in a bloodline with powers not worth using, the spell points that power them are not worth much either. If the sorcerer class offered a feat that granted a power that used spell points, that would make the value of spell points more uniform across bloodlines.

However, a sorcerer could take the Domain feat 4 from the Cleric Multiclass Archetype, granting 1 more spell point and a 1st-level cleric domain power. Then the worth of a spell point will also depend on the cleric domain power, such as Divine Ward, Fire Ray, or Healer's Blessing, which is probably stronger than Faerie Dust.

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it's pretty clear to me that not all powers are created equal.

yes, we know that next update will buff powers, but lets keep in mind that there is some internal balancing going on here.

at the very basic level:
1 spell point can give a +1 conditional (hence not stacking with other conditional) bonus to attacks (ki strike)
the same 1 spell point can give a stacking +1 attack AND +1die of damage (zeal domain power)

and that's before we even begin to compare scaling powers.

so, the answer is:

how much the spell point is worth depends on the Power it fuels and NOT on the spell point itself

With the current system (which is hopefully going to change somewhat), lower level powers really need to scale down in cost somehow. A lot of the somewhat lackluster domain powers for instance, get a lot better when the advanced domain power feat also makes the basic domain power free to use.

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I am looking forward to the new update/resonance test, but I have to agree, depending on your class/bloodline, the value of those points will differ a lot (to the point where multiclassing becomes really valuable to get more bang for your buck).

Especially some bloodline powers are quite underwhelming.

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