The Upcoming theme of Wayfinder 19 is Absalom Station!

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Wayfinder 19 submission guidelines, due October 31st, 2018

What do you wish someone would write about for this? What gaps in your knowledge about Absalom Station are you dying to see filled?


I’d say some more detail on The Spire would be neat, for those who want some more cyperpunk in their science fantasy.

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I'd enjoy reading about how Absalom Station handles the constant threat of surprise attacks from The Drift. The whole "no matter where in the galaxy you are, Absalom Station is less than a week away" thing with the Starstone fascinates me. Possibly mixed with some highlights of past attempted invasions? The attack that (as far as I know, anyways?) has the most written about it so far is the Magefire Assault, and that came from within the same system.

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