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On page 21 of the Bestiary:

"For each character in the party beyond the fourth,
include additional creatures worth an amount of XP
equal to the Character Adjustment value for your
encounter on Table 5. Don’t adjust the actual XP the
characters each gain for defeating the encounter"

So, if I have 5 PCs and I want to run a HIGH-Difficulty Encounter, I need to come up with around ~100 xp worth of obstacles/foes (80 for the normal 4 party, +20 per pc over).

BUT, do I award the group 100xp each...or do I award the 80? I've been doing the latter, but then, out of the blue, despite being 6 sessions into a PF2 campaign, it felt funky.


(Thanks in advance!)

You award them the normal amount. Just the 80. The extra XP budget is lost by adding extra characters. Imagine if the XP was split for each character, you're just adding "1 share".

As Chibi says. The encounter is "really" worth 320 xp, or 400 for the party of five, but is being divided by the number of characters in the party.

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