Warrior Poet Flourish level prerequisite question.

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The class gains flourishes at At 1st 3rd, 5th, 9th, 13th, 17th, and 20th levels.

Chrysanthemum’s Blooming has a level prerequisite of level 11.
Did the class get a flourish there before or something. Or is the level requirement wrong?

Jininsiel’s Guidance prerequisites are level 4 and then level 8 for the 2nd time. I'm guessing this is because of when the rogue gets them.

But it's still strange to have prerequisites for things and it's impossible to pick when you meat them.

Theres a few things, like bardic feats that you can take at 10th level... even though you don't get a feat then.

Nothing new there.

For instance with this one you could retrain at 11 to take it since you now qualify for it.

Retraining doesn't fix it with class features, unlike feats you have to have qualified for it when you originally took it.

"Retraining a class feature means you lose the old class feature and gain a new one that you could otherwise qualify for at that point in your level advancement. For example, if you want to retrain your paladin's fatigued mercy (which she gained at 3rd level), you can replace it only with another mercy from the 3rd-level list. If at 6th level you learned the sickened mercy (which is on the 3rd-level list), you may replace it with a mercy from the 3rd- or 6th-level list (because you are replacing a 6th-level mercy slot which you spent on a 3rd-level mercy)."

From the retraining section for class features.

A more pertinent question: Jininsiel’s Guidance… do your samurai levels count for rogue levels with improved uncanny dodge? I'd assume it would say so if they did, but... Yeah.

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