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I've got a few questions around Leaps and the associated High Jump and Long Jump actions.

1) Thanks to Powerful Leap and boots of bounding, my 9th level monk can Leap 20 feet horizontally. Because of the way Powerful Leap and the boots are written, though, I have absolutely no idea how high he can Leap. Do they somehow stack for vertical Leaps? Shouldn't they?

2) Although I have Quick Leap, neither Powerful Leap nor my enhanced movement seem to interact with the Long Jump or High Jump actions, so while I can High Jump or Long Jump as a single action, I need to make a roll to use them - and they don't actually seem to make me go any further than my regular Leap does; this is basically explicitly true for High Jump, where I would have to critically succeed on my Athletics check to go higher than I can do automatically thanks to Powerful Leap. Is this intentional?

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Long Jump and High Jump need a rework. "How far do you want to jump? 1 foot farther than you can just do? Great, here's a DC. Oh you succeeded? Jump 10 feet." Wat.

1) 8ft on a leap. Powerful leap let's you leap 5 ft and boots of bounding increases you vertical leap by 3 ft.

However since this is the maximum you could do with a typical high jump I would recommend retraining quick leap as you don't need it since a basic leap will take you that distance without having to roll.

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