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I am looking to run a Society game on Saturday the 27th that is in theme or as close as possible in theme for the season. The group will be a mix of level 2 and maybe a few level 3 Characters.

Most of the Scenarios I've seen available that seem to fit the bill are geared more towards levels 4 and up.

Does anyone have any suggestions for Society games that could be used to fit what We're looking for? Something with undead is ideal, although anything supernatural could work.


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You definitely want Reaping What We Sow. It's a very Halloween-appropriate 1-5!

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Thank you !

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I am planning on running Reaping What We Sow for my church youth group of gamers on the 28th because one of the kids asked me if I was going to do something special for Halloween.

I pondered using Murder’s Mark for the creepy circus aspect, but that does not accommodate level 3 characters.

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