Proficiency Mods Stack?

Creating a Character

Brand new to the Beta rules and making my first character.

Tried hunting down the answer in the Core pdf, but I seem to be coming up blank.

During Character Creation, if I choose skills for my Sorcerer, then my Bloodline also gives me the same skill, do the Proficiency mods stack to Expert? Or would one of the "Skill" training become redundant, forcing me to switch it out to a different "Trained" skill?

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Skill training's don't stack. So you would instead become trained in a different skill.

Though in that specific instance there has been an errata which in part prevents that from happening (You get two trained skills from your two from your bloodline then three+int others as a sorcerer).

You should check out the updates on the main page they are inclusive such that the latest 1.4 includes 1.3, 1.2, and 1.1.

AND/OR check out this awesome updated playtest book Gdrive Link. The authors took the playtest pdf and patched in notes wherever updates changed things. Also all the updates are addendumed to the back. Credit to Gustavo Malek & Caio Henrique Di Giaimo for that pdf.

Hope that helps!

O wow, fantastic, thanks a lot!

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