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Greetings again

I was just wondering, what happens to a flying creature when it suffers a ranged trip attack such as from the toppling meta-magic feat or a ranged trip from a really good archer.

Of the books I have access to, I cant find the rules for it.

Last sentence of the Trip description in CRB combat chapter:

"Some creatures—such as oozes, creatures without legs, and flying creatures—cannot be tripped."

flying creatures cannot be tripped, see above quote.

This is what Ace Trip is meant for.

wanders off into musing-
nice. It has some feat 2 feat requirements beyond what most archers take (the archer path is kinda feat starved) so that makes this a specialization.
Full round action, double Dex to CMB(a plus), double the range penalties(not a big deal usually), -2 to CMD beyond 30 ft and prone adds to their AC vs a ranged attack but they are down.
You can only trip an opponent who is no more than one size category larger than you. Legs still add to CMD vs Trip (lol).
The entangled condition and falling is nice but most casters or equipped humanoids can avoid it. Big beasties are gonna have a high CMD. It's not bad overall as there are a lot of situations where it will help.

Hadn't noticed the legs thing re: ace trip. Ha!

I thought you can trip things flying with wings

The real sad thing is the only characters I have that I would want to make use of that feat on all have str scores that are more than 14 higher than their dex so the turning of the cmb attempt from str to dex is highly crippling.

vhok wrote:
I thought you can trip things flying with wings

Not without the ace trip feat. See the above rules quote.

I haven't seen a PFS character with this feat combo yet. I'd say it's a specialitst thing done just to say the character can attempt it, not that it's gonna be all that successful in play. There are more ummm 'low probability of success' choices than practical choices in the game. Nobody complains about the 'poor choice' options, lol.
The amusing point of this feat is that IF successful you'll do a few d6 and the target will have a higher AC to the next ranged attacks.
I'd look at retraining and the Class Guides.

as an aside, oozes and creatures without legs can't be tripped. So where does that put the Couatl? sounds like a polymorph defence against Ace Trip. (>'-')> <('_'<) ^('_')\- <( '-')> \_( .")> <( ._.)-` go House Slytherin

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