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So, communits have an option that they can be turned into a computer or have sensors added at additional cost. However, does this mean that sensors (such as motion detector, x-ray visor, shotgun microphone etc) can be added to computers normally? Technically the rules don't seem to allow this, but since communits can be turned into a computer and still have them added, seems like they should be allowed. Thoughts?

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Communists should not be allowed under any circumstances.

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a computer can control just about anything with the right control mod, attached or not, if it's within range......and you can buy that up too

control modules are 10% the price of the complex object being controlled (a simple one ie. flashlight is free)

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Don't forget the potential downside, though. If you attach another device to a computer, it means hacking the computer lets you hack the device. Not a big deal for a flashlight, potentially a very big deal with you set the computer to control something bigger and more substantial. Especially if you use a basic comm-unit ( ie, a Tier 1 computer ) as your control unit.

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Do computers/comm units have their own actions? Initiative? If you put a control module on an armor-mounted weapon, does the computer just fire it on your turn, or at some other time? What is the computer's ability modifier for save DCs, as for a critical effect or a weapon with the Explode property? How many actions can a computer take in a round; for instance, can a computer turn on a flashlight, fire a weapon, make an Intimidate check, and activate a motion sensor simultaneously?

There are a lot of interesting items and armor upgrades that I'd like to use if they didn't take an action to activate, so being able to have a voice-controlled computer run them with control modules would be nice. There just doesn't seem to be much clarity about what, exactly, computers are able to do.

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