Problems with Starting Funds?

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Suggestion: Starting Gold at 3+Intellgence Modifier; free starting weapons, armor, and class kits.

Okay, it's a playtest - but outfitting a combat cleric and warrior, while my friends make Wizard, Rogue, and Monk, convinced me that monasteries, universities, and city streets are just handing out the cash - while the militia starves (that's why they need adventurers?).

If you let everyone pick armor, weapons, and their class kit (alchemists, thieves,...) that they're proficient with, then give everyone 3+IntMod gold, you'd be set. That gets the smart guys outfitted with some adventuring gear, while the less-inspired are less prepared.

Why? That wizard/sorcerer/cleric/... has expensive spells, but he paid nothing for them. Essentially, characters that need armor and weapons to fulfill their role need much more money to pay for their primary equipment. Spell Components? That familiar used to cost 200gp. That's why D&D starting funds tables have always been skewed, and actually, why almost all the original magic weapons were longswords - it was a class feature, only the Fighter could use 'em.

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