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What recourse or solution is there for a scenario one has played in, but for any of a number of reasonable valid reasons the GM has not provided a chronicle?

I am not talking about an un-reported event, though -- in that case the answer is pretty and painfully obvious.

Also, not speaking in specific yet, as there are any number of reasonable valid causes for this breakdown to occur.

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Yesterday I almost (and may still have slipped up on one) handed out unsigned chronicle sheets. At least everyone was local.

I've received an unsigned chronicle sheet at paizocon, during the rush to cleanup the GM just accidentally skipped it.

But not receiving a sheet at all sounds strange. I'd say reach out to the GM first, then talk to your VC if you can't resolve it with them, but remember we're all volunteers.


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Been attempting to contact GM for a couple of months on and off. Life is understandably life.

Currently in the process of reaching out to the local VC who has it in-progress for a resolution.

Just wanted to make sure the right process was being followed.

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I am the guilty GM in question. I just sent out the chronicle sheets.
Life has finally quieted down some.
Sorry it took so long.

Next time I will bring chronicle sheets.


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Oh, hey!


You were awesome for running it and for getting the sheets out!

Thank you!

And you ran it after a major four-day convention where most of the people at the table had GM'd eight slots, so even more props!

Thank you again, and please don't think of it as guilt!

Life happens, and I'm glad we were able to get it worked out.

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