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I'm going to box run the 1st scenario of Season of the Runelords in a few weeks at a Con. I then plan on continuing it at home solo and/or with my wife playing a character as well.

I have these Decks available:

Original Rogue Deck
Witch Deck
Hell's Vengeance 2
Ultimate Magic
Ultimate Equipment

I've been playing Raheli through Season of Plundered Tombs. While she is awesome, I'm ready for someone else. Plus she's still engaged in that campaign anyway.

I'm tempted to try Merisiel with the UE deck just to see how she does. I also want to run Nyctessa, cause Necro and honestly, might be easier/less Confrontational to run her (or one of the other evil characters) in a solo game rather than Society at large. Probably mix the UM deck with her. Perhaps they might be a decent duo?

What are your suggestions out of the above decks? And/or recommendations on mixing in the Ultimate decks, unless the arcanist and ninja are just that awesome on their own?

(and finally, if there is some Uber Solo/duo character that is perfect for Runelords that I don't have, feel free to suggest it as well. But I'd prefer to stay with the decks I already have.)


I don't recall anything in Season of Runelords being overly challenging to the point you can't play who you want. I'd go with who you think is the most fun. Nyctessa+UM is a good combo, as is Rogue+UE. I don't know how well Nyctessa solo's since I've only seen her in a group play. But Rogue+UE/UE+Rogue would be good to solo especially if you have an evasion ability. Nyctessa+UM and Rogue+UE would make a good duo as well. I also think this works out well since you've already been getting use of your Witch Deck and this will mix it up a bit.

If you have access to SnS, my personal favorite version of Merisiel is her SnS version, though beware that she lacks the Ranged skill. I enjoy this version for her finesse ability (works perfectly with the UE deck, and if you have the Pathfinder Tales deck she can also be played with Tales+UE). What I like most about this version of her is that on her role card she has power feats to reduce BYA/AYA damage to 0, which can be very nice in a solo setting or a game without a cure.

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RotR Merisiel is pretty awesome. She was my first ever PACG character playing standard AP. Of our group of three, she was the only one to survive our first run through Them Ogres Ain't Right...

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Thanks guys! I think I'm going to run Nyctessa+UM and Merisiel+UE. I'm a big fan of Meri (she was also my first OP Card Game character, although she only has 1 scenario to her credit) so I really want to see her in action. Hope she gets along with Nyci!

Now watch, my wife will be just devious enough to want to play Kyra (for the role-playing, honey!) ...

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The killer combo that's amusing ME is Zelhara the Evil Inquisitor (HV2) and the Angelkin Magus Talitha in Wrath (or Season) of the righteous.

Zelhara: Talitha! Bury a card in your discard pile that has the Corrupt trait so I can heal.

Talitha: You mean, like this blessing I discarded to explore? Gosh, I HATE having blessings in my bury pile.
<They laugh.>

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