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Hey, is it possible to get the $10 shipping discount on this order? I have $100+ in items being shipped and it isn't currently applied..

If that isn't possible, could I cancel the additional items I had added on to my subscription? as I mainly did as a means to take advantage of the shipping discount..

*edits* Also, I'm a bit confused.. it looks like a duplicate set of items I just ordered might be in my sidecart waiting to ship as well? Dunno if it's a glitch or not? but I didn't mean to order everything twice over..

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Did you set your order to ship with your next subscription? Then the items land in your sidecart, waiting for the subscription to ship.
In that case shipping would not have been calculated and the discount to shipping can't be applied yet, but later, when the subscription is shipping.

Hope that clears things a bit.

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Hello Dwapook,

It appears that you got the items to join the subscription item successfully. However it appears that the system did not check for new promotions that should apply with the addition of the new items. I have manually asked it to do this and it applied the First Ten discount to the order.

I did not see any duplicate items on the account, so this was hopefully just a brief display issue.

I have sent you a new confirmation email with the updated details of the order. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you!

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Awesome, thanks!

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