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As a result of ongoing discussions on Handle Animal, and a quick analysis of the hazard system, I propose a new hazard to be added to the game. I call it the 'puppy pile'.

The design is quite simple -- a hard-shelled Bag of Tricks, set to drop puppies only (or kittens if you're feeling mischievous), sitting at the top of a slightly ajar door.

The target takes an action to Open the Door, which causes the hazard to react with a Reaction hereafter referred to as "drop on target", impacting the target's head and forcing a Reflex save to avoid falling prone. If the target is prone, the hazard then uses the "pour puppies" action, causing 6d6 puppies to spill out over the target. As each puppy is Bulk 1 due to its desire to not be moved, the number of puppies summoned should exceed the target's encumbrance.

Since these puppies are summoned, they are actually unable to take actions unless someone is concentrating on the spell that cast them; as the target is unable to concentrate on that spell, he is therefore trapped under the puppies until they despawn (the RAW version of the 'Summoned' trait).

A more pragmatic ruling would be that the target could 'command' the puppies off of them using Handle Animal, taking 2 actions per puppy. With an average product of 24 puppies, this will take 48 actions, or 36 rounds of continuous puppy removal -- which is slightly longer than the trap's despawn time of 1 minute 30s.

Attempting to Break Grapple or Escape Grapple from each puppy is much more viable. At one action per puppy, this should only take 8 rounds -- just long enough for the cunning lich / pet store owner who set this up to polymorph the rest of the party into tomorrow's sale on hamsters.

I plan on throwing this at my players at some point, so any feedback is appreciated!

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Looks like the D&D 3E "bag of rats" is making a comeback. ;)

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On the plus side, you get to spend a minute covered in puppies.

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