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I'm going to be running a steampunk/stone age campaign, and I thought of this house rule for Renaissance firearm proficiency.

You can trade out one or more proficiencies of your choice in Martial Ranged Weapons to gain proficiency in a corresponding number of proficiencies of your choice in bomb, pistol, or musket.

This allows warrior types to trade out multiple Ranged Martial Weapons (like the blowpipe, hand crossbow, and net), but allow less dedicated fighting classes to dabble in firearms, such as the bard or rogue trading out hand crossbow for pistol or musket.

Now I just need a good reason for elves to be more likely to have firearm proficiencies....

I like the idea of being about to swap specific proficiencies awarded by race and class, but wouldn't warrior types just have proficiency in the renaissance weapons to begin with, since they're listed as martial weapons? Or are you thinking swapping proficiencies as a downtime activity for stone age characters? (I'm assuming you're not requiring the understanding alien technology table to use firearms in a steampunk setting.

Elves are trained in firearms because their society places great importance on dueling as a means of conflict resolution. Y'know, like the Atevi legal system, but elf-ier.

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My main concern is that one of my PCs is going to be a pistoleer swashbuckler rogue, and they don't get all Martial Weapon Proficiencies. And the eladrin brontomancer will be able to trade out longbow for musket if he wants, which might be flavorful. Also, I don't want this to be a "guns everywhere" campaign. Just enough guns for zest.

The Stone Age folks will not have firearm proficiency, hopefully obviously! They will be able to train in firearms once exposed to modern society.

I like the idea of elves dueling and doing trial by combat. Also, they might be the progenitors of Thunder Medicine. Dwarves and gnomes can't invent everything!!!

I use the alien technology rules to learn how to use that individual item proficiently. It's worked out really well.

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I'm trying to balance out initial weapon proficiencies. I will definitely use that alien tech rule for when the want to learn something as they advance in levels.

Figures. I just added firearms to Curse of Strahd and wanted to let you know what works down the road for me :)

I think swapping works well, but I would consider equating them to cross bows for the most part - light crossbow = musket/shotgun, hand crossbow = pistol/revolver, heavy crossbow = all others.

Longguns are super easy to use (like light crossbows) while pistols and high performance rifles tend to be harder and require more skill.

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I'm not sure if I'm going to initially allow revolvers and rifles and shot guns. Maybe down the line they'll discover some.

Makes sense, but using a musket is a lot like using a shotgun and using a pistol is pretty universal - really the revolver has not changed in over a century.

It's just a simple way to put those weapons in a category. The big question is when they find the tesla cannons in the steampunk parts.

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The party has a Tempest cleric and a brontomancer (homebrew thunder mage), so there will be lightning bolts aplenty, I do believe.

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