Midwest Game Fest 2018: Independence, Missouri (November 1-4, 2018)

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In one month's time the Kansas City Pathfinder/Starfinder Society Lodge invites its friends from near and far to Midwest Game Fest! 40+ slots scheduled (as of 10/1/18) including PFS, SFS, PACG and Playtest.

Midwest Game Fest 2018 will be held Thursday November 1 through Sunday November 4th at the Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center in Independence, Missouri (east of Kansas City at the I-70/I-470 interchange).

We have RVC/OPC sanctioning to run SFS 1-99 (Thursday evening, 6:30pm muster) and PFS 10-00 (Friday evening, 6:30pm muster).

We do still have some capacity to run additional scenarios, particularly on Sunday. The con offers a $10 discount per 4-hour slot GMed. If interested please inquire in thread or PM me for additional details.

Helpful links:

Paizo Event page
Midwest Game Fest homepage
Event Schedule -- using the tabletop.events event management system. Filter on event type "RPG-PFS" to find Paizo Org Play events. Online event signups are available through 10/12; after that signups will only be available onsite.
Travel info. The resort has a con rate that is available through 10/6. (It's an awesome site to stay at. Really.)

Hope to see you there!


Looking forward to it

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