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As always, here is my honest and refreshingly candid opinion. Resonance needs a great deal of work, I.e. it down right sucks. My main reasoning for that is this, several items , like Slippers of Spider Climb, must be invested and then only ever give a benefit after another totally separate RP is spent; no primary benefit. IMHO, these items are not worth much and seem like the Pathfinder developers were nerfing for the sake of nerfing. Lastly, the Alchemist should be completely severed from dependency on RP. Another nerf for the sake of nerfing.

I agree that any time someone spends rp there should be a benefit, so spend rp to activate an effect or spend rp to use a magic items that has an innate effect. But, with the double rp tax for alchemist gone I no longer see the need to separate the alchemist from rp. I will grant you I think alchemist have a resource problem, but I think either a boost to thier rp (like having thier rp be int + Cha + level) or something akin to cantrips (a simple bomb, poison, etc) would fix the problem.

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