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For the longest time now, I have been trying to get a gaming group together, since my last one dissolved because too many of the members had life issues that prevented them from playing.

I live in central Minnesota USA, the St Cloud area. I want live people, not trying to game via internet. I already have one guy doing that, he's using my webcam via Facebook. Right now it's just the 3 of us, and one is effectively telecommuting using my PC.

I have tried putting up ads on this website, but they always get lost in the shuffle.

I have access to Pathfinder 1e with lots of APs, Vampire the Masquerade, D20 Modern, and my best friend runs Champions 5th ed (Hero system).

I created a Facebook group to help out, it's called "Saint Cloud Minnesota Tabletop Roleplaying". I have a profile on nearbygamers.com, and BoardGameGeek.

I don't know what else to do. Meetup.com was a total bust, I created a general nerd group and met 2 people, one of which immediately dropped out saying he didn't have time, and the other isn't interested. So I stopped paying.

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I'm going to flag this for moving to the Gamer Connection page, it may be of more help to you. Good luck.

Darrell Impey UK wrote:
I'm going to flag this for moving to the Gamer Connection page, it may be of more help to you. Good luck.

I finally found it. It has not been of help in times past.

Some standard ideas (I figure you've tried some or all, but this is what I have):

Check out local organized play organizations, like PFS. Even if you aren't interested in participating you might meet folks who'd enjoy a home game.

Do any local game shops have gaming tables? Hang out there and meet folks.

Bulletin board at the local game shop, or maybe on their social media page?

Pathfinder society is run by one of the game shops that likes to charge for game time, and on top of that, the owner is a jerk. Over the years, I kept having bad encounters with him, he was always rude and generally mean. I finally decided that if he was going to act like this, he wasn't going to get my business and I wouldn't recommend any of my players to his shop.

Most of the game shops around here charge for table space, despite their not ever using them for other reasons. One, I dislike that philosophy, and two, my best friend can't play there because he hasn't been working since he was diagnosed with, and treated for cancer.

I did leave a flyer up at a used video game shop. The other stores around here are either ones that charge for table time and get ticked if you don't want to game there, or just sell cards.

I have put up a post with contact info on roll20, just in case some of them lived nearby and would rather play in person. I also did a random websearch and found a guy on meetup, and left him a note with contact info.

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