Anyway to edit the core PDF?

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Howdy. I am wondering if anyone happens to know how to edit the core rule book pdf? I am assuming you cannnot though..
With all the errata and the large changes it is getting really quite difficult to cross reference and manage with the digital PDF.. In a book I could just sticky note, but a bit harder digital.

Adobe does have comments though they load weirdly... but I'll have to start doing that soon...

but thought I'd toss this out in case anyone happens to know something I don't. as more changes are coming down the line to more and more things
..Like Resounance Points and (hopefully) alchemists.

Gotta figure out how to keep track of all this

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There is this annotated PDF.

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StratoNexus wrote:
There is this annotated PDF.

Hope this helps =]!

We'll try to keep the pace!

Oh! That is fan-freaking-tastic. Thank you.

Is this just being done by players or a group thing?

Thank you very much.

Seriously that'll help a ton. Having multiple pdfs open on a tablet was getting difficult.

Yeah, this is awesome! :)

I’ve modified one with all the annotations, I’ve also make a few housefuls ie making it bound, etc. and I’ve printed it for my home game that’s starting up. Now i can just tweak things with the future updates and reprint the relevant pages.

Many thanks for this! Hope you manage to keep it updated. I'll be sharing it with my group for character creation.

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