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After the survey for ancestries, i noticed a part where we were asked if orcs should be a core race, along with their half brethren. I think it is an important question, though personally Im all for it. I mean we got goblins so orcs arent that big of a stretch. Also am i the only one who thinks allowing half-orcs but not full blooded ones feels a bit weird? Are half orcs really that common?

What do you think about this?

I'm not really against the idea, but we've kinda already got them in the Playtest file. Might need another Ancestry Feat or two in a high-level campaign, but otherwise you're good to go.

Hmm. In past editions, the +4 Str -2 to all mental stats is a little problematic. It's just a little hard to look at that and call your non-Orc martial optimized.
However, I like the idea of making them a core race. ESPECIALLY if it sets a precedent for playing as other "monstrous" races.
I've had a player who has wanted to play Vampires for a while now, but Pathfinder doesn't support Vampire/Lycanthropy/Undead very well.

Aren't "Orcs who are valued members of communities which are not mostly Orc" and "Orcs get along well with their neighbors" something that is much more common outside the Inner Sea region? It seems like "rules for playing orcs" could wait for those places to get highlighted.

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I want orcs as a core race.

I selected yes. Orcs in core would make sense. I'd like to see more core ancestries added altogether. Also more "half" options would be nice as well - like Dhampir and Aasimar.

I already put together a homebrew version of Orcs if you are looking for one.


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As somebody who has since for ever treated orcs as a core race in my homebrew and made the half-orcs (and half-elves) a very niche and rare existence that is considered remarkable rather than mundane.
I've experienced my players having a much deeper appreciation for all three.
Half-breeds are more special while people who want to play a beefy race that is truly defined by it feel much more at home in their orcy-orc rather than diet-orc.
I'm all for it even though it's essentially pointless for me as I homebrewed them in already anyway. Having official support is always nice though.

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Let! Orcs! Be! Core!

Core races:


and human halfbreeds with the 3 mentioned.

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I agree in making Orcs core race, and I think their should be a half-human feat, and the half breed feats should be available to all the races. So we should get a the elf template and pick half human or a half dwarf half orc.

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I definitely prefer the idea of having Half-Elves linked to Elves, and Half-Orcs linked to Orcs.

I'd also like to see the Human sub-species feat options replaced with Aasimar and Tiefling.

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