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I've been thinking about using 2.0 for my upcoming homebrew campaign, and I was wondering if there was any need, and resources of converting other classes to fit 2.0?

Its an hp lovecraft inspired campaign, and I want to use the occult classes, and a handful of other classes such as gunslinger.

Atm not really any conversion tools. My table has been reskinning items to make them fit, though. Guns exist in my game, and I just use crossbows to simulate them, and recommend ranger as a good candidate for refluffing to get the gunslinger feel. Crossbow ace is a given, cowboy types can take an animal companion, etc

Occult classes really dont have an analog, but refluffing the bard or aberrant sorcerer may be a respectable start. Similarly, clerics make just as good cultists as they do healers.

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