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with Monk now available, unarmed paladins get access to Monk stances.

we know deific weapon doesn't stack with powerful fists (since you can only increase die size once) but what about stuff like dragon stance now?

would dragon kicks for a paladin be a d12? tiger/wolf claws a d10 and etc?

they are unarmed attacks dealing a specific damage die (not increased so far by anything).
unarmed attacks are simple weapons
deific increases simple weapon damage die

I don't think it would work like that, since in PF2e, Irori's favored weapon isn't "unarmed attacks" but a specific unarmed attack: "Fist." And since upgrades are limited to one die size, I don't think there's any real synergy.

It's not really specific though. Only Fist shows up in the weapon section and even under unarmed strikes it states

Paizo wrote:
Use the statistics for a fist even if you’re kicking, kneeing, or attacking with another part of your body.

So technically kicks from Dragon Stance would fall under Fist. Probably would be up to a GMs interpretation but I don't really see a problem with allowing it to work.

I agree with Tholomyes. Irori's favoured weapon is Fist and would not work with your Tiger Claw or Wolf Jaw attacks.

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All unarmed Strikes count for this even a creatures natural attacks, or rather, that's the intention AFAIK.

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