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Hello Fellow Pathfinders! I have a question. I have already ran s6-06 Halls of the Flesh Eaters, s7-19 The Labyrinth of Hungry Ghost and I'm about to run s8-15 Hrethnar's Throne and s9-22 Grotto of the Deluged God (which is not directly related to the first three but is like a side quest of S-17, right?) Is there a fourth part to this story line? One when we go to Sevenfingers' Tomb? Is there going to be one before we go to 2nd Ed? Thank you!

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There is nothing announced/printed yet, but I'm very much hoping for a 7-11 that goes into Gloomspires in season 10.

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I’m hoping for a 12-15 to face off against Sevenfingers. *evil grin*

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Janice Piette wrote:
I’m hoping for a 12-15 to face off against Sevenfingers. *evil grin*

That would be awesome, but as it would break the trend they've had of jumping up one tier each time I would hope they give plenty of notice before its release so I can level my Gloomspires character accordingly.

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I can't cite the source, but I believe one of the PaizoCon/GenCon panels did mention that the Gloomspires would be revisited in Season 10.

**** Venture-Agent, Massachusetts—Southcoast aka JDDyslexia

Bonus points if they do it twice: once for a 7-11 and again for a 12-15.

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That... That would be something.

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