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Little confused here -

My understanding is that if at Dying 1 and make the Recovery Save you go to 1 HP and are unconscious. Next round you can attempt another Recovery Save and if successful, you become conscious.

What has me confused is if in the Dying 2+ stage and Hero Point use.
Questions -

If you're at the Dying 2 and make a recovery save, what happens?

Do you go to 1 HP and are unconscious?

Do you go to Dying 1 and are stable?

What happens if you get a critical success on your Recovery Save?
Found the rules for critical failures but nothing for critical success.

What if you spend the Hero Point - Are you conscious or unconscious?

Are you looking at the rules in the rulebook or in Update 1.2? If the former, check out the latter (page 3, "New Rules Update---Dying").

Liberty's Edge

Sounds like the pre-update rules as Fuzzy-Wuzzy suggests. I'll add to that. The rules are changing again on Monday, so make sure to check out that update when it is available.

Got it figured out now. At least till the rules change.

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