Fallicon Nov 2-4, Dayton, OH

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3/5 5/55/55/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Ohio—Dayton

The Dayton and Cincinnati Paizo lodges invite you to come join us for the 2nd annual Fallicon!
This year we're slightly further north in Dayton, OH. We've teamed up with Extra Life to raise funds while gaming. We're hoping to best the $1200 mark that we raised last year.

We have PFS, SFS, and Playtest games scheduled. We will be having a raffle of items (items and donation link forthcoming). For now, register, check out the schedule, and plan to be in Ohio that weekend.


Sovereign Court 5/5 5/5 ** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Great Lakes

As Allen mentioned, you can buy raffle tickets at:


Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. You can click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to make a safe and easy online donation. Tickets are $1 each, and can be distributed among any of the prizes below. If you win, you will be contacted regarding shipment of your prize.

Pathfinder T-Shirt – Choose from Burgundy (size L), Year of the Demon T-Shirt (size XL), and Department of Necromancy (size XL)

5 Funko Magic the Gathering action figures (Ajani, Jace, Chandra, Lilianna, Garruk)

Paizo Map Pack – Slum Quarter, Haunted House and Starship Decks

Pathfinder Pawns Iron Gods Collection

Pathfinder Boon Bundle - Explorer of Azlant (extra trait), Grown to Explore (Leshy) Share the Wealths, Expedition Manager and more!

Starfinder Boon Bundle – Manifold Host Champion, Nuar/Maraquoi, and more!

Pathfinder Society Charity Boon Lucky Knuckles

Dice Bags – Each bag holds approximately 130 standard sized polyhedral dice. Choose from:
Regal Lion: Golden Heraldic Lion embroidery on royal blue twill with patterned green batik lining and green paracord drawstring.
Book of Shadows: Silver, white, and purple book and smoke wisp embroidery on black twill with purple and white cotton lining and purple paracord drawstring.
Starfinder: White embroidered Starfinder Logo on royal blue twill with silver and white cotton lining and blue drawstrings. Bag holds approximately 130 standard sized polyhedral dice.
Grand Lodge: Embroidered Grand Lodge symbol on black twill with green batik lining and green drawstrings.

Sovereign Court 5/5 5/5 ** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Great Lakes

Holy cow! Our Extra Life Game Day raffle just added a Complete 6 book Starfinder adventure path, Dead Suns, autographed by the authors with pawns and bases, donated by Paizo, Inc. and 2KingsGames.

You can get your $1 raffle tickets at https://www.extra-life.org/team/Ohio-Paizo-Society

3/5 5/55/55/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Ohio—Dayton

Got into PFS recently and want one of those sweet Year of the Demon shirts from years past?

Excited for the chance to win special charity only organized play boons (Hubris Coil for PFS and the Manticore starship for SFS)?

Looking for a gorgeous embroidered dice bag to carry around your favorite random number generators?

Just want to donate to help sick kids?

Donate here!

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